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Day 3 — Root Brains for Dinner

5:45 — Here we go, here we go, here we go now.  Why do I always hear that playing in my head?  Might need help turning off the radio at some point.  For now, it helps get Gertrude and Stanislous out the door in the morning.

6:15 — Getting the paper a WARM breeze, with humidity thank you, hits me in the face. I’m so happy I yell “Oh yay a warm, humid breeze!”  I won’t post a photo but I’m wearing my morning best.  I look next door and there’s Selena and tiny Black Lion outside.  I warned her I talk to myself.  She seemed okay with that but maybe she wished I didn’t see her morning outfit either.  Also looks like it’s going to rain, but at least it will be a warm, humid rain.  Good.

6:40 — Gertrude is off to school and even ate breakfast.  All is well.  Stanislous was warned to be out of bed and in the shower by the time I returned from the bus stop or tomorrow would not be such a pleasant wake up call.  Walk in the door and what do you know?  He was in the shower.  Yay for the small stuff.

6:45 — Check out FB.  I’m only allowed to spend 15 minutes on the time suck site.  I do make a note to think about blocking Friends who continually post thoughtful quotes.  It’s like waking up to a Quotable Reference Book.  I will block them if they keep it up.  The only ones I like that do this have a link to a real story about real people and how they have prevailed over circumstances.  Otherwise, it’s a static display of words.

7:00 am — Uh o.  I hear grunts and exclamations from the upper reaches.  Wondering if it’s the tie-tying, the uniform gathering or something else that has Stanislous in a mini-uproar.  He doesn’t need help and he found his pants.  All good.

7:15 — Emergency!  Emergency!  This is not in all caps because it is not REALLY an emergency to me. Just to Stanislous.  Emergency means: I can’t tie my tie; find my shoes; find my dress pants; find my cup.  Emergency over. Now I can’t find my breakfast.  Where did I leave it?  Mystery and emergency all in one.

7:24 — Everyone off to school.  Took a nice photo of Stanislous in his dress clothing (tie, good shoes included) and texted it to Elroy.  He will be proud that there was not any cursing today.

10:30 am — Elroy says I mustn’t post public links.  Keep this among my normal friends because we don’t know who’s out there.

2:30 — time for Gertrude to walk little Black Lion.  She gets the pup without setting off the alarm.  I guess there’s always that.

4:00 pm — the fridge motor revs up right on cue.  Stops one hour later.

4:30 — found this while digging out a bed for some Cosmos seeds:

This is the brain of those climbing stickers that take over your yard. This one looks a little bit like a cute pet.The Root of All Stickers

5:00 — Finished digging out his brothers and sister.  Got a whole pile of root brains.  I wonder if they have any value for the woods or if they just suck the life out of everything?  I’ll have to look that up.  Also found a tick crawling on me.  Flushed it.

7:30 — went outside through the garage and saw some gum balls in a bag on the table.  Popped one in my mouth and realized, just before I bit into it, that it was a paintball.  Spit it out quickly.  Was happy I didn’t bite it.

8:00 — Gertrude and I spent half hour throwing the paint balls on the driveway — the ones that didn’t break she rode over with her bike.  Neighbors were drawn to the mess and little children that had already been bathed romped through the paint.  Sorry to my neighbor Ms. Fortune.

7:58  While I was out romping, the phone was ringing in the backyard — the place where I left my mobile device.  10 minutes later realized Stanislous needs a ride home from his game.  I run around looking for my keys, grab the dog for a car ride, and tell Gertrude: take a shower, dry your hair.  You are dirty and sweaty.  She says okay.

8:15  arrive at school right after the bus arrives and then wait in parking lot for 20 minutes. They have to get off the bus, then stand there and get a speech or lecture, who knows what before they can GTHOOT (get the hell out of there).  Someone was NOT respecting my time.  hmmmmmmfffff.

8:45  Arrive home.  Stanislous needs to shower and eat dinner. Then there’s the homework. And he says he’s had a bad week.  I said: it’s only Tuesday.   Meanwhile, I arrive home expecting Gertrude to be showered and powdery fine.  I see her run across our catwalk and I smell some kind of perfume — her hair is at least wet.  Good, I think.  At least her shower is finished.

9:00  I help her dry her hair and notice that it’s not clean.  It occurs to me that this is still the hair from the sprinklers. Then I see the paintball smatherings.   I scoot her off to the shower and go feel the TV. It is hot.  Maybe I should unplug it and move it to my office.  hmmmmm.  She says she was scared and why did I take the dog with me?  She also says she’s getting bullied at school and doesn’t want to go anymore.  Can she be home schooled?

9:15  Gertrude is in bed.  Sigh.  Stanislous is finished eating.  Shower done.  Homework in progress.  All is well again.

9:30  I am going to look for ticks, clean the kitchen and drink my wine.

10:01 — Stanislous says he “just remembered” that he has to type something.  Could I please bring it to him when it prints because last time he forgot and left the work on the printer.  Hmmmm.

10:19  Stanislous reminds me that school sucks.  Tables at lunch got re-arranged and now he has nowhere to sit.  PE sucks because they only play basketball.  When they actually get to do something different, he gets stuck with kids playing bocce who don’t really want to play so they quit.  Life is tough — glad I’m not in school anymore.

10:25  Is it too late for more wine?


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